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Upcoming Booster Club Meeting - 1/9/2017

The next CA Boys Lacrosse Booster Club meeting will take place on Monday, Jan. 9th, 2017 at 6:30PM in the Middle School, Room 23 (Use Granger Street entrance).

Visit the Booster Club page to view meeting minutes from the previous meeting(s).

CA Lax 2016-17 Welcome!

August 12, 2016
From the Desk of Deven York, Varsity Head Coach

Dearest Braves Nation!

We have had a great summer of lacrosse. For me, personally, it was the best one yet. What an incredible honor and privilege it is to be named the head coach of one of the top lacrosse programs in New York State…I mean planet earth. I look forward to working with all of you to meet our lofty expectations. I am motivated by our kids. To watch them learn, grow and succeed, is what drives me. I believe that hard work beats talent when talent doesn’t work as hard. We are so fortunate to live in this community where our student-athletes have an abundance of both of these traits.

Our kids have played a lot of lacrosse since our spring seasons came to a close. From Kindergarten through Varsity our kids have been around the state and down to Maryland, competing at the highest levels. Despite all the games and tournaments, I am most proud of our 7-12 program practices that we held in July. Seeing the different ages of our kids working together, in the heat, during vacation, painted a beautiful picture of where we are headed with this level of commitment. This commitment continued over the last few weeks when we were able to get into the GCCC for a few sessions of box lacrosse that our lax rats thoroughly enjoyed. And speaking of rats, congratulations to Ryan Bremer for becoming our first official Lax Rat of the summer, logging in 1200 minutes of wall ball by the third week of July! Braden Gioseffi completed his challenge a few days later and became our first grey belt (second year winner)! For these guys to be able to reach this goal in less than a month proves there are plenty of minutes left in the summer to get that block of cheese!

One of my personal goals for our program is to improve the communication at all levels. Below are links for a 12-month calendar for both the youth and scholastic levels: 

I want you to know what the expectations are for your athlete as well as the opportunities our program offers. As you manage your families busy schedules I hope this helps. There will be some changes to this schedule with circumstances out of our control. Still, I anticipate those to be at a minimum and this schedule a move in the right direction. 

I want to create a program that leaves no one behind that wants to put in the work. I think you will find our plan is aggressive, offering something for everyone. There are in house opportunities, open program practices, summer leagues, winter leagues, competitive tournaments, recruiting venues, strength and conditioning, box lacrosse, and back yard challenges. Obviously your son won’t be able to do it all. I encourage my athletes to play multiple sports, pursue their passions and know that time with their families is the most valuable of all. 

Some lacrosse families are considering Club options as they rise through the ranks, so I would like to weigh in with my own thoughts. Club lacrosse makes kids better, just like every one of the opportunities outlined in our program. The greatest players we have ever had at this school got there by the amount of time they put in with their sticks in the back yard, on the wall shooting, and in the weight room. Those things cost nothing but sweat. If lacrosse is your child’s passion then they should be doing that on their own and we should be providing opportunities to support that. For our youth, I do not see a lot of available time for kids to play Club. There is literally something every week of the spring and summer. I would encourage you to invest the cost of that Club fee in a 529 and you will thank me when your child has to pay his college tuition. I also believe the more we play together the better we will be. I know it can be difficult for those “ahead of the curve” that want to play with the best. I can tell all of you that your time will come. Our state champion team in 2009 never won a youth tournament because the focus of our youth was on building a program not on the scoreboard. We will win when it matters. With that said, I believe in lax more often. If you look at our schedule and your son wants even more, great! We will never look down or punish an athlete that wants to play more lacrosse, we celebrate it. One of our freshman played 70 games this summer between school and Club. He would attend our practices and go to his Club practices after. It is no surprise that he got really really good! If they are doing what they love, keep doing it. Club offers more travel, higher level of competition, a new coaching voice and a good deal of college exposure. I do see more value for Club lacrosse once your son enters grades 7-12. We will be going to five to seven tournaments a summer at the school level and even though I want your son to play with us, he may want even more on top of that. If your family doesn’t want to spend the money on that though, you won’t be left behind. We will not run a program that forces parents to go to Club because we are not doing enough. We will go to three recruiting tournaments a year as a Varsity. In the end, winning the Section and heading to States is the best recruiting tool of all. We plan to go there every year. 

Thank you for reading, if you made it this far. It is your turn now and I would like to hear from you. My email is and my cell number is 585-766-7499. My door is always open and I even have a smart phone with a voice mail since the new position. You should be receiving a survey from the booster club in the next few weeks asking for your input. I hope you take advantage of these opportunities and understand that we are stronger in numbers. So many of you have gifts to share, let’s continue to lift this program up and make memories for our kids. Thank you for all of your time and the sacrifices each of you make for your kids.

Go Braves,
Deven York


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