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2016-17 Booster Club Officers

A large turnout was present for tonight's booster club elections. The results are as follows:

President - Karina Stanney
Vice Presidents (2 Positions) - Julie Belles and ?
Secretary - Jen Isaac
Treasurer - Jim Cross
Youth Coordinator - Dave Gioseffi

The second Vice President position will need to be determined at the next booster club meeting after there was a tie in second most votes between Mike Faiola and John Isaac. Julie Belles received the most votes tallied for the two available VP positions.

Congratulations to the 2016-17 Booster Club Officers!

CA Lacrosse Announces Lax Rat Challenge 2016!

The Challenge Has Begun!

Attention all Lax Rats!
The Canandaigua Lacrosse program is looking to recognize you for your ongoing efforts. We are looking for those kids that want to get better at the game we love. True lax rats live on the wall and shoot in their backyards. We are offering a reward for any players K-12 that log 1200 minutes outside of practice time, playing wall ball. We want you shooting and playing catch, but this is about WALL BALL. If you don’t have a wall or a bounce back what can you do? A Rat will find one! Head to the school, find an old shed or use a piece of plywood. Parents will initial your times on a provided calendar. When you hit your 1200 minutes TEXT Coach York at 585-766-7499 or email to pick up your exclusive LAX RAT T-Shirt! And then go get back on the wall! Names of Rats will be recorded on this website along with their number of minutes. Who will go down in history? Who will be the first to get the shirt? Who will record the most minutes?


Those of you who completed the challenge should go back and get another belt... Red Belt for First Time rats and Grey Belt for repeating rats. Who will be the first Black Belt some day?

The Lax Rat challenge will begin July 1 and end Sept 1, you have 62 days. Get going rats!

2013 Section V Champions

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